Friday, July 24, 2009

Total shock

That's what I was in when me and hubby got home from browsing those few stores after Fosters birthday and I walked in to a house full of friends and family for a surprise birthday party FOR ME!!! Those same friends and family that we had just been with at Foster's party had somehow made it to my house, made food and decorated. There were my girls that we had just left at my sister's to "play", there was my son that was supposed to be at "work" and there was lots of my hubbies family that traveled in that morning and had been at our house since we left to go to the other party. WHAT?!!!!??!!!

I was in complete shock! I had no idea. I couldn't even tell when we parked in our driveway that this was going on. Their cars were hidden behind my house. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!
I'm pretty sure I had that cheesy smile on my face the rest of the day.

Opening lots of goodies from everyone. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!
Gift cards are the best! Especially Tar-Jay gift cards :)

Keepin Cool at the Pool. A new flag for outside, by the pool.

This is what the kids were waiting for. Weren't we just at a party for you Foster?
Mr Noah and his Uncle W.B. (aka the surprise party planner).

A pool full of little girls.

And little boys!

And babies!

And a wonderful husband that would plan all of this just for me. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!


Finding Home said...

A suprise birthday party! How fun!!! Happy belated by the way! Enjoy spending those gift cards. You're right, they are the best!

Carly said...

We sure had a blast! I think we've created a water lover for life!

amy (metz) walker said...

How great is that?! Happy belated birthday!


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