Monday, July 13, 2009

WOW!! Where has the summer gone?

I knew I had been so busy that it had been awhile since I posted but this is getting crazy! So I'm going to try to get a few things up so you can see how the summer has been for the Blaine's so far.
This is my nephew Foster. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! Foster has a favorite place to eat called the Taco Inn and that is where he wanted to go for his dinner. I had to bribe him to get a picture but it was so well worth it! I can not believe he is 5 years old already :(
This is one of his cakes that his mommy made him. My sister is improving on her cake skills I must say. I think it's adorable. I said one of his cake's because at his party there was another one. I'll show you that one later.

Here is Foster with another one of my nephews, Peyton. These two were having a good time.

This was a few days before the birthday but I wanted to put it in because it's so darn cute. This was at my mom's house at a family cookout/birthday party for another family member. A#3 and Foster were actually getting along so we had to capture the moment.

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