Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meet Lily!

June 23 Miss Lillian Camille came into our lives and what a blessing the Lord has given us. I had requested prayer several weeks back for Miss Lily as they had discovered a bowel obstruction and knew she was going to need surgery as soon as she was born. The first thought I had when I got to see her in the NICU was ,"she's perfect." She had her surgery the very next day and we were all in prayer as we waited to hear how she was. Hubby and I went down to the hospital to be with my family and we were in the room when the doctor came in and said everything went great! Better than he anticipated. We knew it was answered prayers and that our Great Physician Himself had performed what we had asked Him to. This is Lily and her mommy. I can not even imagine what my sister and her husband were going thru having to watch her and not pick her up. They renewed my faith in a mighty way!
Isn't she gorgeous!!! She hung on to that pappy for days because she wasn't able to eat until she was 9 days old. Can you imagine?
Sweet Lily girl is what I call her.

I have so many pictures to show you and stories to tell about how amazing she is doing and how much her big brothers love her!

Jesus loves you Sweet Lily girl and so does your Aunt Tinie!!

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