Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Fave's - Head, Face and Bod

A while back some people asked what type of products do I use as far as skin care, hair care and body care so I thought about sharing. With a "big" birthday coming up this year I have gotten a little more picky about what I use for several reasons. I love these next products and seriously could recommend them to anyone. Trust me I have used a lot of stuff in the past. I was even a Mary Kay consultant for several years and still like several of their items. These are just my VERY FAVE!!

About 1 1/2 years ago I started using Philosophy. I LURVE IT!!!! I go back and forth with the Purity cleansers. I use the regular one in the winter when my skin is a little more dry and the foaming when I tend to be more oily in the summer. It removes eye makeup too. It is just great.

Oh my and then there is Hope in a Jar. Don't you love the name? Best moisturizer I have ever used. I always have major breakout when I use something new so I was scared of this at first. It never bothered me and my skin has never felt greasy after I use it.

And if you have Hope in a Jar you must have Hope in a Tube. Don't tell hubby I told you but this is one of his fave's too. The skin around your eyes can be so sensitive but this has never bothered either of us. I am just about out of it so I have got to get busy and order some this week.

Well shoot, once I tried the skin care I had to try the body care. My Mom is to blame for this. She wears Amazing Grace by Philosophy and it is yummy. So clean smelling. I can always smell her on the girls after they come from her house. Falling in Love is a little sweeter than Amazing Grace and I love it. I order the jumbo sizes and only have to reorder about every 6 months or so. Another cool thing about the wash is you can use it as a shampoo. Currently my fave Falling in Love product is their Body Butter. So thick and creamy and a great thing to use before bed.

It has been about 7 years now since I started using Bare Minerals. I WILL NEVER use a cream or liquid foundation again. It took about 2 weeks to get used to the difference but you will be hooked. Again I only have to order about every 6 months. When I used a cream, I was buying one a month.

This is more Bare Minerals only it's for your body instead of your face. It is a body shimmer but trust me you will not look like a 13 year old with glitter on when you use it. I only put it on for special occasions, like a date with W.B. I will brush some on my shoulders and chest just for a little extra girliness.

At night I usually use the Bare Minerals Buzz Latte on my lips. Yummooo! Nuff said.

Well hello beautiful! OMG I have a serious addiction to Bare Minerals Buxom. I DO NOT leave home without it. I am the one who's mom always wants to know where my lipstick is if it is not on my lips. Seriously, ask Leslie! Well this stuff has changed my life. I have other glosses that I might use but never have I gone thru something as much as I do this. Right now in my purse there are 3 colors. Amber is my #1 go to girl (that's the name of the color) and then there is Bambi. Very rarely will I wear a lip liner any more but if I do, it works great with Buxom.

This is my new found friend. I have always used Mary Kay mascara but wanted to see what all the fuss was about for this one and I get it. I have even used the waterproof over the summer and I like it just as much. Best part about it..... around $7.00.

I have never done my own nails. I used to wear acrylics and I always loved them. I am however a pedicure kind of girl. Starting in the next month or so you can find me in a pedicure chair somewhere trying to get my toes ready for summer. I love a french pedicure but I have started asking for a pink french. OPI makes some beautiful colors for this.
Now for the hair. I use several different types of shampoo and lots of conditioners but my new fave stying product is Taffy from Kenra. Some days my hair is straight, some days it's flipped and some days even curly. Either way this is what I use to finish it off. Thanks to my sis (also a hairdresser) for introducing me to this one.
There are lots more things I could show you as far as colors I use etc but now you know my basics. What about you? Ever tried any of these or do you have a fave you think I would love?


Anonymous said...

Yeap, I always ask you where that lipstick is dont I... Right Leslie...
if you dont wear anything else put on a little lipstick and mascara, and yes Amazing Grace is my favorite products,cologne, body wash etc. I was walking up the stairs at work one day and a gentleman behind me stopped me at the top of the stairs and ask me what cologne I was wearing,I had to write it down for him, He said I must get my wife some of that.
YOU must try it. Wonderful.. so is Bare minerals.

"Wear that Lipstick" even if you are going to the mail box...

GillespiesGirl said...

Yes, for ummm at least 18 years, I have never been around T that she hasn't had her lipstick on. As far as the products go, LOVE LOVE LOVE the philosophy all of them. One that you didn't mention is Baby Grace, it is great, though Amazing Grace is my fave. Bare Minerals is all that goes on my face and as far as moisturizer goes, Hope Hope Hope! You can't go wrong with any of the Hopes. Had to laugh, I am using the same mascara, and we hadn't even talked about it! Just ordered my first Buxom! Very excited to get it.

julie07 said...

Just ordered the "Purity made simple" today in the super size. I've never used it before but I'm sure I will love it. I would like to try some of the others soon. My mom loves the Amazing Grace. I love bare minerals too. Haven't tried the lipgloss but will definitely put it on my list. :-)I also want to try the "Hope" products. Your skin always looks great and now your secret is out. LOL

Lisa said...

Ok I am a Tre'eme girl for the hair but I will have to try this purity stuff. My curls tend to be unruly.... YOu got me hooked on the Bare Minerals and I got that advice from you. Did wonders with my acne prob. I too am using that mascara I love it.... I actually need some more. thanks for sharing


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