Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mom's birthday

We celebrated Mom's b-day at our house on Tuesday with a homemade White Chocolate Cheesecake (thanks Dee) and lots of laughs and noisy kiddos. There was even some quality time spent with the guineas. Don't tell A#2 I told you this but hers peed ALL OVER her. I had no clue they could make a puddle that big. We were all in shock at the size of the puddle it left in her lap.

Nena was getting a little assistance with her gifts. When there are two 4 year olds around you can guess there will be a disagreement on who is gonna help.
And then there's the candles. Which one is gonna help her with her candles. We were kind to her and only put a few on the cake this year (you can see the small fire in front of me). Next year will be a whole other story. She's gonna get it good next year. Only because she gives it right back to us, right Mom?!

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Anonymous said...

Look at those 3 little angels (grandkids) how sweet are they, How I love to spoil them.They are such a joy, and man what a laugh we all had when A#2 guinea pig wet on her.
I love you all



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