Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Me & U

*Edited- SOLD OUT!!! Thanks a bunch.
Since we have been a little couped up in the house with the weather and with hubby being so sick I thought I would get a little crafting done. I think they turned out adorable. The top one is hanging on our jelly cupboard in the family room.
Would you like one? I think they will make great gifts, especially for yourself.

They are $8 if you are interested.

Leave me a message or drop me an email and I'll get them right out to you. Valentine's Day is only 10 days away!!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful... you are SO CRAFTY

I want 5 check your email


Jessica said...

Such cute crafts!! : ) (I'm a friend of Suzettes.)

Suzette said...

How cute! I love these.. If I wasn't on a 0 spending budget I would have to order one! :) So crafty!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Those are beautiful! No wonder they sold so fast :)


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