Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 19!!!

Well today is the day! A#1 turns 19. WOW!! Where have the years gone? Honestly, 19 years have flown by. We were talking about how I was 19, almost 20, when me and W.B. were married and I was asking A#1 if he thought he could get married when he was 19. His response was, "I don't know, maybe." Well you can't young man and that's just that! I LOVE the fact that he is old enough to have grown up conversations with. Don't get me wrong we still have the your the kid we're the parent conversations too. We had several of these this weekend.

The weekend included cake Friday evening with one set of grandparents and cake Sunday afternoon with the other set of grandparents. As you can see in this next picture A#3 did not leave his side for one minute. Sunday in church she would NOT let him put her down. She was so upset when he left Sunday evening to head back to LU. A#3 talks in her sleep and last night I know of 3 times when she said his name. Poor baby!
We have a strange tradition that involves buttering the birthday persons nose but as you can see, A#2 missed. He ended up with a handful in his eyeball! Ouch. A#3 later confessed to him that she would NEVER butter his eyeball. She's a suck up!

He has 3 favorites on t.v. Lost, House and CSI. This was House season 3. The girls also got him CSI season one. When he's home and the girls will leave him alone this is how he spends his time.

These are from Sunday before he was headed out. Gosh he's so grown up!! By the way, he is ROCKIN out some awesome grades again this semester. His lowest grade in Aviation so far was a 90!

I told you she wouldn't leave his side!

Well if nothing else, this is how we know he's home!!! Laundry and lots of it. This was how I spent the weekend.

A#1 you are such an amazing soul. God has truly blessed everyone that knows you. You have a family that would sacrifice everything for you. We could never be any more proud of you than we are today. I love that you are willing to show young people that it's OK to love Jesus and to live for Him. I love that you know what you want in life. You have a plan and that's because you have trusted God to work out the details. You have traveled and seen more of this world than most and you weren't afraid. You are the best big brother ever and the way your sisters love you proves that. I wish I could give you a big hug today. Be a blessing to someone today because you will recieve joy from it. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of the young man you have become Aaron, you have always been such a joy to us since the day you were born,and you still are such a joy to our lives.We love you more than you will probably ever know.
Always know that Poppy and I are so proud of you and if you ever need us for anything we are there for you.I Thank mommy and daddy for all they have taught you and for raising you up in a christian home.

Hope you and your room mates enjoyed that Cream CHeese Pound Cake I made you.

Happy Birthday A#1 WE love you and are so proud of you
Nena and Poppy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !! I love you very much!! I can't believe you are 19 - geez, your mom and nena are getting old. Hope you have a great day today!

The White's

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and may you continue to be an example of Christ in all you do!! Love & Kisses Grandma & Grandaddy

Lisa said...

I hope you had a blessed bday. I love you to death and I know I have told you this before but I feel so fortunate that my boys have such a wonderful GOdly young man to look up to. Love ya

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Happy Birthday to your son! How exciting to see what God has done in his life this past year. God is so good!


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