Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kissing the Blarney Stone

This is Blarney Castle in Ireland. The first stop for A#1 was to kiss the Blarney Stone and explore the castle. The castle sits empty except for signs with all of the info about what things used to be like.
This is looking out from the top of the castle. A#1 thought it was neat how the plants and flowers are growing out of the stones.

How cool would this be to look around in. My luck I would get lost and someone would have to find me. He thought this was so awesome to see. He said the view was great. Just look at all of the green would ya!

More from the top.

Inside there was lots of ruins. Including this fireplace. By the way, do you notice there is no floor below that fireplace? Yep, that's an old castle. I'll bet hubby could fix the floors for them! ;)

See the ladder looking thing? Up there is the Blarney Stone. I have a picture of A#1 kissing it but I have to scan it to put it in. You are actually on the other side of that wall hanging upside down when you kiss it. I was scared to death at first because I thought he was hanging upside down on this side, which by the way he would do! He has definitley recieved the gift of GAB since kissing the stone. I guess we have seen the legend come true.

That's how high up that darn stone is.

Just driving thru Ireland taking in the scenery. Lots more if Ireland to come. You DO NOT want to miss the farm and the mud bog pictures!!!


Lisa said...

Oh that is so cool should his life direct him to a point where he has kids and then maybe grandkids someday what cool stories he is gonna have to tell them all of his travels....

GillespiesGirl said...

Looks like it was a great trip!


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