Monday, August 11, 2008

Add ons

Warning- lots of pictures ahead! One of A#1's leaders sent some pictures today. Thank you so much V. These are events that I have already posted on so I hope you enjoy!

Our delegation ready to leave for D.C.
Our leaders and bus drivers.

Finally arrived in Heathrow.

What a great bunch of kids!

Beautiful stained glass in one of the cathedrals.

A "bath" in Bath.


One of the first places in Ireland they visited was Waterford Crystal. You should see the GORGEOUS crystal necklace A#1 gave me! It is a Celtic Cross. He brought one home for all of the special women in his life. Me, his 3 grandmothers and his great grandmother. We all love them.

Not sure why A#1 doesn't have any pictures of this because it was one of his faves. Hurling! A#1 is not your typical american boy as in that he is not a football fan. Rugby and hurling are a completley different story however.

Here are the rest of the Irish drummers. I think this is a cool picture!

Here's Ms. V's shot of the clover. Beautiful!

And her pics of the mud bog. There he is again climbing out just so he can jump back in.

Look at their faces. Every single one of them!!!!

Isreal wore the perfect shirt for this event! Sorry but we are Hokie fans in this house!

There he goes getting ready to jump!

Thanks again for the new pics. The journey will continue later on!

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