Monday, August 4, 2008


Bath England. The roman empire took over England and the Emporer lived there for awhile with the belief that the pigs that he witnessed rolling in the mud, never got sick. So when he got sick guess what he did. Yep, he rolled in the mud to cure himself. The local hotsprings made the mud warm and for some reason it is believed to have healed him. So now in Bath there are pigs everywhere so that when people like me want to know "what the heck are all the pigs for?" , the story of Bath can be told.
Looks refreshing don't ya think?

This one, not so much. There's one of the many pigs.

And another!

And another!

And another! Do you see where this is leading? Well I'll stop here. Once you've seen one pig in Bath, you've seen them all.


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I'm glad that you explained all of the pigs there...that is a funny story, new to me! What a great adventure, great photos!

Lisa said...



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