Thursday, August 7, 2008

Here's mud in your eye!

They are riding in an Irish wagon on their way to a bunch of fun.
On the way thru the woods on the farm. Looks like an Irish forest.

And this is the treasure they are seeking. MUD!!!! IRISH MUD! The mud bogs are what they are looking for.

And they have arrived. Oh my gosh! They have gone all the way to Ireland to play in the mud. This stuff is actually worth money. Lots of spas in Ireland use this mud for their treatments due to how "clean" it is. Who knew? It is the "cleanest" kind of mud there is. The story goes that there is no air in the mud so therefore no bacteria can grow in it. The deeper you go, the cleaner the mud!

Oh my stinking heck! Up to their waists. That's one big ole mud pie!

I love the look on Ian and Isreal's face in this picture. This has got to be so much fun. Boys playing in the mud and their mom's are not there to tell them not to.

Moving around and getting out is the hardest part. A#1 said at one point you actually have to reach down and pull your legs up to move. And even sometimes crawl.

If you know A#1 then you know his pockets are ALWAYS full. I think this is the coolest picture of him because he will probably never have them full like this again.

Yeah, so this kinda freaked me out at first. Until he told me that he was sitting down, not standing up. Whew! Look at his face would ya?!!!

This looks like trouble! It was a contest to see who could go farther. Not sure who won but my money is on A#1.

There they go!! Ian is in ready position.

Dear goodness look at that dirty boy! By the way, look at all of those chickens in the background. Sorry girls but jump in!!! :)




GillespiesGirl said...

OH MY GOSH!!! CAN YOU SEE US DOING THAT??? WHAT A BLAST! My question is what color are the shorts NOW??? Looks like he was up to his neck in it! Ha hA :)

Anonymous said...

This is just so I can show Nina how to post!

Great fun though!


Anonymous said...

A#1 your Nena is so proud of you, man what fun in that mud. I think I might have gotten in there with you if I had been with you, Say right Nena, I dont like to get dirty...yuck.
Im so happy that you got to take this trip of a lifetime.
I love you so much
Your Nena

Lisa said...

That looks so much fun....That was a great post


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