Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What the Heck!!

Your prayers are needed again! Well for goodness sakes now my sister is in bad health. She squatted down Sunday night at her closet and stood up only to tear her meniscus, severely!! So now she will be having surgery tomorrow!! She is going this evening to have a MRI to look and see just how bad it is but they think from the tests already run, it is very bad. What the heck is happening people? Please pray for Dee. She is in a lot of pain right now.


Anonymous said...

Yes she is in alot of pain and cant take anything,Please keep her in your prayers..

julie07 said...

Oh my goodness.....What in the world is going on. Tell her we will be praying.

Lisa said...

We are so praying for your famly ... HOpe Dee gets through all ok...

HOw is Waynes mom?


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