Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remembering Ireland

I thought in honor of St Patty's Day we would take a trip down memory lane. These pictures are all from A#1's trip to Ireland this past summer. Watching all of the festivities has been exciting for me this year because I can recognize some of the places A#1 has been. The clover is from the Irish farm they visited.
On the ferry on their way to Ireland. What an adventure he had!!!

Blarney Castle. A#1 kissed the Blarney Stone and received the gift of gab. This was one of his favorite days because they got to explore the castle on their own.

For a young man that played percussion instruments for 7 years in school, playing the Irish drums was exciting.

Absolutely one of my most favorite pictures of the whole trip. On the farm they played in the mud bog. Talking to A#1 you will find out this was one of the best times he has ever had. The boy LOVES pants and shorts with LOTS of pockets because he has LOTS of "stuff". The first time we looked at this picture it hit me at just how much this is him. His pockets are always full of something, this time it was LOTS of mud!!

Look at that smile!!!

Repelling off of a castle in Ireland. A little scary for me, a lot of fun for him.

Somewhere in Ireland. I love that the Lord allowed him to travel here to learn so much and to even learn about his heritage.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all. For now me and A#3 are going on a hunt for a leprechauns. I hear they are sneaky little guys.

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Anonymous said...

Funny when I woke up this morning I thought about A#1 and his trip to Ireland. Im so happy you got to experience that A#1. what a trip.
I love you all


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