Thursday, March 5, 2009

The power of prayer!

My sister went in for her surgery yesterday evening with a bit of concern. From all of the pain she was in her heart rate was incredibly high and it took a long time to get it regulated. She came thru surgery fine and when the doctor came in to see her and her husband he informed them that her knee was just fine! As in it was just fine before he did anything!! Her meniscus was torn and out of place but when he went in, the meniscus had went back into place and all that was left was a lot of fluid and a good healthy knee. She looked up at me when I went in the room and said I know it's the power of prayer Tinie!! You got that right sister!! God is good. Thank you Lord for taking care of both of my sisters and for hearing our prayers.


GillespiesGirl said...

God is good ALL OF THE TIME!!!! So glad everything went well for her. Tell her we are praying for her.

Rach said...

Hi Darlin', I'm just catching up. Good grief, ya'll have had a spate of the ickies over there with all that's going on. My prayers to EVERYONE!! I'm delighted to hear everything went well with the surgery. Whew.

(I had to LOL on your skincare and makeup--I use the same things!!)

Anonymous said...

God is so Good. Thank you Lord for taking care of Dee.Prayer works, I had people praying from North Carolina, South Carolina, all over Va.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Wow what a praise!! That is so encouraging!


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