Thursday, March 19, 2009

How do you speak?

Cruising thru a new blog the other day I found this and man did I need to hear it. For myself and my own mouth and for things that others had recently said to me. I love this lady and her testimony is amazing. Check her out at
This was her post on March 11th:

Do you ever think about what really comes out of your mouth? Do you think about the impact, whether good or bad,your words have on not only those around you, but you yourself? Do you think about the impact it has on the personal view someone else has of Christ, whether they know Him or not?
I am so very excited about SheSpeaks this summer that I can hardly stand it. Yet I am fearful at the same time that I will disappoint not only myself, but my father in some way. Let me explain:
I have never really been great at public speaking. Actually, it terrifies me to think about doing what Beth Moore does. I watch her videos every Tuesday and think “Lord, you want me to do that?!” She is so gifted and so eloquent (and hilarious!)… it just flows out of her like honey.
But last night, as I watched her… something in my heart changed. Not because of her words, but because of Gods words speaking through her:
“Perhaps more than anything else, Satan wants to hinder us from ever learning how to use our mouths.”
Our most powerful tool to defeat Satan and bring others to a relationship with Christ are our spoken words. For what we believe, we speak. (2 Cor. 4:13) As we inhale scripture, we exhale His words. They are like CPR for the soul, as Beth Moore so eloquently puts it.
Yet many times we use our words to hurt, gossip, lie, curse, or be rude or unkind. As Christians, we must guard our words like they are gold. For what comes out of our mouths is what lies in our hearts. I often need to be reminded of this, because so many times I fail to see, in my own daily life, the things that I say that unintentionally hurt both my witness, and also the witness of Christ.
Before a word is on my tongue, you know it completely, Lord. -Ps. 139:4
I don’t know about you, but that verse blows my mind. He knows. I know that He knows. Yet I choose to say ______. Fill in your own blank…
I want to be fully used by Christ, in whatever way He chooses. I want His light to shine through out every aspect of my life.
I want to bless His heart while blessing others lives.
I dont want to live in defeat any longer, for that is not my destiny. I want to live a victorious life, not just a mediocre one.
I want to be “Armed and Dangerous” for Christ.


Anonymous said...

You will probably never know how proud I am of you. You are such a wonderful daughter, wife and mommy to your kids, and you are such a good christian and everyone knows that.

I love you so much

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What a beautifully written post. Sounds like a wonderful blog! (and important content...)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome testimony this lady has, I read a little more on her blog!! Thanks for sharing!! I too want to be 'Armed and Dangerous' for Christ!! Grandma

Lisa said...

You always keep me on my toes this blog really made me stop and think about what I do and say... and my attitude... love ya bunches


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