Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's praise Him!!

Wanted to give you an update on our nephew Mason. He has made some progress but unfortunately will not be going home with his Mommy and Daddy just yet. He has come off of his Cpap and is down to a level 3 on his oxygen. They will be moving him down to a level 1 (the lowest but best) soon. He still has his feeding tube in which they will be trying to bring him off of also. Please pray for my SIL. She is struggling with not being able to take him home as I'm sure we all would be. She's a tough cookie but this is difficult. Mason is still on antibiotics and will be until at least Saturday. From there they will see when he can come home. I want to praise the Lord that He is watching over them and taking care of The Grimes family. I also want to praise Him for my SIL being such a good Mommy and having such a great hubby that loves her and supports her. Before she got married she was a single mom to our nephew, Caden, and she has had a tough go at it at times. The Lord sent her a great guy that loves her and Caden unconditionally and I know how excited he is to be a daddy to Mason too. We have not planned our trip to visit just yet because we have to wait and see when Mason comes home and if he can have aunts that want to slobber all over him, oh sorry I mean visitors. WE LOVE YOU MASON!!!


Julie said...

So glad Mason is improving. I can't wait to see pictures of him. We are praying for J,T,C and baby Mason. Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Good Lord, Im glad Mason is doing better
All of you are in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Still praying!! Love you guys!!


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