Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weekend Part 2

Sunday afternoon before graduation we all sat down with A#1 to watch him open his cards and gifts from loved ones.
This little one is our nephew, C-man. Every picture you see of him will include this brilliant smile.

I tried very hard to hold back the tears but when he opened a card from my Mommaw it kinda hit me, all over again. I spent alot of time with a tissue in my hand.

So here it is Jason, the ugly cry face. Good grief!!!!! This was still while he was opening the card from Mommaw. Just move on to the next one please cause this is just to much for you to stare at for too long. You will be scarred.

Don't ya love the hat? I got this for him to wear at his cookout and believe it or not, HE DID!!

Well at least I was smiling in this one. That's the very soon to be new Daddy sitting next to me, my bro-in-law. June 10 is fast approaching.
A#1 made out very well in the gift department and I believe he is still counting. Thanks to EVERYONE that has supported this young man in all of his adventures and loved him thru it all.


GillespiesGirl said...

WOW! What a weekend it was! We had soo much fun and we wouldn't have been anywhere else. Thanks for welcoming us into your world for the weekend. By the way, I love your ugly cry face! Only because I care about you...LOL!!! :)

Jori said...

I will definitely keep your cousin's husband in my prayers. You are right I can definitely sympathize. I know the power of prayer can do so much. When I was first diagnosed my dad told me "Remember the Lord is in charge not the doctors" It was hard for me to think I would survive when my diagnosis seemed so bleak. Miracles do happen. Thanks for checking in on me! I will post pictures when we pick up our baby girl. I hope she will be able to adjust to us!:)

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Oh hang in there! There is so much to be proud of, isn't there? :) Hugs!

Lisa said...

I want you to know that I think the pics of you crying are humbling it shows how sad you are your little boy has grown up but too how proud you are of him.... We all have those ugly faces when we cry love ya


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