Friday, June 27, 2008

Even More

I LOVE this picture!!! A#1's grad cookout included fried chicken and this seemed to make a few people very happy. Especially these two.
Silly kids! Posing is so much fun when you make funny faces.

This has got to be the best picture of the whole weekend. I told you I had a talented SIL and she proved it when she captured this moment. A#2 and our nephew F-man. Not sure why the face but who cares. I love it ;)

Hubby was making his speech and thanking everyone for coming and for supporting and loving A#1 the way they do.

Grandma and Grandaddy standing beside the big grad himself.

Our poor sweaty child. Anyone that knows A#3 knows that from day one she has been the most sweaty child you will ever meet in your life.

Our "pond" was broke at the time so the water was turning a little green within just a matter of 2 days. While these two were checking it out, hubby informed them that this is the kiddy pool :)
Needless to say when it was time to swim they both said they did not want to swim in the kiddy pool but instead the big pool. I don't blame them!

A#1 and his Uncle R.B. I do beleive Uncle was standing on something because the two of them are about the same size. Is that right Uncle?

A#1 and his Aunt D. I love the cheesy smile in this one.

Another set of proud grandparents with the grad. Their first grandchild to graduate. Don't worry, there are plenty more to go.

My talented SIL, Uncle Jr and the amigos again with the grad. Love you guys!!!!!

Our friend C.S. and his beautiful wife T.S.

Our youth leader and A#1's mentor, K.M. This young man is a walking testimony and lives for the Lord everyday. Someday I'll share his story but until then I will tell you that he has had a pacemaker since he was 17 years old.
Our Pastor , M.J. We love this man and his family dearly and would do anything for them. He has loved A#1 for several years now and has taken him on 2 mission trips. He is truly a man of GOD. The best thing about him is that he loves to laugh and have a good time. Can you tell?

Beautiful A#2

Posing again!
I think they like the camera.
Big fat me and our lifegaurd that came for the day. She was awesome and really helped all of the parents out by being here.

Blue iced cupcakes!!!

SIL and FIL joking around as usual.

I guess sometimes they really do like each other ;)

More blue iced cupcakes!!!! YUMMOOO!!!

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What FUN! So many fantastic photos here - I love the faces of the kiddos :) So much to celebrate!

Thanks so much for the tip on the Old Navy Flip Flop sale! I bought as many as I could! :) They are now Uganda-bound....


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