Saturday, June 21, 2008

Giddy Up!!!

A#2 has taken on a whole new challenge. Riding horses. She has talked about wanting to do this for awhile now and so I jumped on it for a summer project. And guess what? SHE LOVES IT!!! I knew she would love the horses because she has a heart for animals but I never dreamed she would take to the riding like she has. This is Bambi, or as A#3 refers to her... Bamm-Beeeee. A#2 has rode her a few times and her instructor told me this week that she is a very difficult one to learn on because she is so small and her gate is very bouncy. A#2 is learning very quickly though and this week really started learning how to use her legs and hips while trotting. Her instructors are so good and so patient and keep talking about how well she is doing. This makes my heart so glad because I used to ride alot when I was younger, my best friend growing up had lots of horses and we would ride all weekend at her house. When my Dad was young he rode alot and used to show horses too. And then there is my great-grandfather. He rode in the Calvary and did a ride from Washington DC to New York City many, many years ago.
Here she is taking Bambi into the arena for their first ride.

Look at that would ya. Her very first lesson and she was on her own. She even "drove" Bambi around the barrell several times.

We watch from the observation deck so this was taken as I was looking down on her. Check out her posture. She is so happy when she is riding and said this week she wishes she could ride every day. If she sticks with it I have a feeling Daddy might be buying a horse for her one day. I'm so proud of you girly. Keep up the good work!!!!!!


Lisa said...

If you will give me directions to where she is riding I would love to come watch her this week..... I used to ride too and it is such a peaceful experience

GillespiesGirl said...

A #2; I am SOOO proud of you. You look so good on that horse. Keep up the good work. I love you and miss you!

Lisa said...

Hey go on my page and click on The Handmade Housewife blog and look what she did with that mirror. I thought about you when I saw it....

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What FUN! She will have such a great time this summer doing horsebackriding. Few opportunities like that exist here in DC... :(


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