Sunday, June 29, 2008

Still more

The night of the big cookout we were still going at it pretty strong. Well, most of us that is. As you can see in this picture some of them were going down pretty quickly. I love sitting outside at night and this is what we were doing when the majority had went home. Ma and 2 of her buddies snuggled up with a blankie to watch all the rest of the gang.

Uncle Jr and A#3 playing a silly game.

These guys are still posing even after such a long day.

A#2 and her cousin/buddy, Big Boy M.

Can you see the yellow rope? That is the "homemade" volleyball net. There ended up being a pretty serious game going on until around 12:30 that night. However serious you can be with a rope tied to a light pole and a bucket that is. You have to understand that the Blaine family, ALL OF THEM, take volleyball pretty much as serious as can be. I have witnessed the wrath of Uncle Drew in a game ot two. Right Drew? :)

And so now it is being passed on to the next generation. That's A#2 being coached by her Daddy. I must say she has pretty good form.

And there is her Daddy teaching her and trying to win all in the same turn. See the chair leaning? That is there because the bucket kept moving. So what do you do? Put a chair in it!


Don't let this picture fool you. We look as if we are just innocent bystanders. NOT!! I know at least one of us that ended up in the game within just a matter of minutes. See the guy in the white shirt? Yep it was him!!!! He held off as long as he could. Uncle Jr.? Well he's just sitting there waiting to see who he could throw in next ;)

And then there's the jumping contest. This is Big Boy M. I can tell by the feet!!!

And Uncle R. NICE ONE!!!!

These next few show the fun that was had with the basketball goal. Who knew?

OH MY GA!!!! I knew my hubby had skills but I NEVER knew he could walk on water ;) Wow Honey, you should teach me how to do that. We might could win a prize or something.

Again with the b-ball goal.

What the? Uncle R. what ARE you doing?

And it continues. This time the FIL was in the pool and he had a blast!!!!! SO much so that the next week he had to go the Dr for an irregular heartbeat :0 He's fine thank goodness.

Looks like trouble if you ask me! I think Uncle Jr was trying to pull J over to the dark side ( you know the one where you throw anyone and everyone in the pool). Don't do it J! Do not go!!!!


GillespiesGirl said...

Got to love the warm fuzzie socks with the capris and red shoes.
F A S H I O N Statement!!! NICE. My thin Texas blood would not let me be warm!

Lisa said...

You guys look like you were having a blast.....


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