Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why I haven't blogged

Friday- field trip with preschool. Took my older kids with us because A#1 is finshed with school and A#2 didn't have anything important to do. Found out our best friends in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD are coming from Texas for A#1's graduation. Couldn't accomplish anything productive after that.
Saturday- Worked at home ALL day until hubby decided he needs some shorts and wanted us all to go with him to Old Navy. Turned into a VERY expensive day and I couldn't accomplish anything after that.
Sunday- Sunday school @ 9:45, church @ 11 am, A#1's Baccalaurete @ 2 pm, A#3's end of year preschool program @ 6pm along with church. Home by 8:30, girls in bed. Dusted the dining room, went in the attic with A#1 to retrieve some pillows, checked email from days ago.
Monday- don't even ask! Hubby is working and company's coming.
I've got some really good pictures to show when I can get a minute.
Keep us in your prayers. Emotions are running very strongly around here as we prepare for graduation next Sunday.


100 Percent Cottam said...

what wonderful things to be so busy with! congrats on the big graduation!

Lisa said...

WOW i cannot believe it graduation. I think I embarresed him talking with one of my co workers. I was bragging on his character I only pray that he always has this wonderful attitude and fullness of life.
Sorry I didn't see you today (Sunday morning) we hosted Judy;s family here for an extended gathering and last minute it became a cookout which meant unexpevted cooking and a grill that had to be cleaned. My sister now has a blog.....I love ya girl oh yeah let me know about the vanity


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