Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This picture has nothing to do with this post, I just love it! Those brown eyes just kill me. A#3 has been cracking me up lately, as usual. We have been outside alot due to the beautiful weather we have had and she is in heaven being able to run and scream. So much so that last week on our hottest day, we were out on the deck and she was riding her scooter, SCREAMING to the top of her lungs having a blast as I was washing down the furniture and setting it up for the summer. Finally I had had my fill of the screaming and I said, "A#3 (actually I said her name but for you guys it's A#3), please stop." Her reply, "WHAT? I am using my outside voice!" To which I had no reply. What could I say? She was right, I was wrong. Oh that girl.
We have been very busy as I posted last week and this are not going to slow down any time soon. It's only going to get worse. A#1 will be picking up his graduation announcements today so that will be our project this week along with the mother/daughter banquet I have to help with this week I am looking for some ideas as we speak for table cloths and decor. Something simple and springy.
I pray that you all are having a blessed May and things will soon be a little calmer around here.

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

She is so precious!!

Yay that she can now have nice weather to just play outside :) With outside voices and all!


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