Friday, July 11, 2008

Next week

Well here's A#1's schedule for the next week just in case I don't get to post. Take a look at some of the places online and check out what he'll be seeing. Especially check out the castles. Hope you all have a wonderful week. The Blaine's are off to the ocean ;)

Sunday July 13 2008
• Say good-bye to your home stay family and re-join your delegation.
• Visit the beautiful city of Bath – home to Britain’s only natural hot spring. With
waters flowing at a constant temperature of 115 degrees F. The Celtic King
Bladud discovered the Royal Baths in 860 BC. He realized the spring’s curative
powers by imitating his pigs and rolling around in the hot mud!
• Explore Cardiff Castle, a remarkable structure whose history also spans nearly
2000 years. Originally a Roman fort, Norman invaders built a castle keep (the
main tower and stronghold of a castle) within the Roman ruins in the 12th
century. Climb to the top of the keep for a breathtaking view of the city of Cardiff.
Monday July 14 2008
• Journey along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path to Fishguard, and catch the ferry
across the Irish Sea to the land of saints and scholars! Arrive this afternoon at
the “Emerald Isle” and the city of Waterford.
• Waterford probably sounds familiar, as it is world-renowned for its crystal. You
will be able to observe all stages of the crystal-manufacturing process, including
the highly skilled crafts of glass blowing and engraving.
Tuesday July 15 2008
• At Blarney Castle little remains of Blarney Castle except the castle keep (the
main tower and stronghold of a castle), built in 1446. Climb the 127 steps of the
keep to take part in the long-standing tradition of kissing the Blarney stone.
• After you have kissed the stone, walk across the street to examine Blarney’s
famous Woollen Mill, where you will find Irish arts, crafts and linens.
Wednesday July 16 2008
You need to wear appropriate footwear and clothing today as you will get very
wet and muddy during some of the activities on the farm. We advise you wear
your oldest clothes and tennis shoes for this activity.
• Immerse yourself into Ireland’s country life as you become “Irish for a day”. While
enjoying the lush Meath countryside, learn about traditional Irish sports, farming
and music. Meet an Irish farming family who also happen to be traditional Irish
musicians. Take part in a turf cutting demonstration and learn how to make
traditional Irish soda bread!
Thursday July 17 2008
• Explore Ireland’s capital city of Dublin. Encounter such famous landmarks as St.
Patrick’s Cathedral, Phoenix Park, Trinity College and statue-lined O’Connell
• The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) Museum explains the traditional Irish
sports of Gaelic Football and Hurling and you will learn how it played a pivotal
role in modern Irish history.
• Immerse yourself in Dublin's culture and tradition by completing the 'Famous
Dubliners' interactive quiz. A great way to discover the city.
• Make your way to the Ferry port where your ferry will take you over to Wales.
• Encounter the village that boasts one of the world’s longest station names:
Friday July 18 2008
• Today is all about challenge, excitement and energy! Get ready for a day full of
adventure and personal growth through interactive and challenging workshops
led by the Full On team. You will have the opportunity to learn leadership skills,
set personal goals and step outside your comfort zone. Conquer FEAR by
abseiling 70 feet off a tower wall at Penrhyn Castle!
Saturday July 19 2008
• Travel to Llanberis, a quaint village at the foot of Mount Snowdon, once the slate
quarrying capital of the world and the ancestral home of Thomas Jefferson. Visit
the Welsh Slate Museum, followed by a short walk to the spectacular site of
Dolbadarn castle, the last refuge of the Welsh princes.
• Continue along the spectacular Llanberis Pass to the village of Beddgelert. Learn
about the legends of Arthur and Merlin connected with this beautiful and
mysterious valley.
• Visit Conway, one of the finest medieval walled towns in Europe, dominated by
Edward Longshanks' magnificent castle. Take a short battlement walk and
admire the views around you!
• Take a tram ride up to the Great Orme Copper Mine. One of the country’s most
important archaeological sites, the mine dates back over 3000 years to the
Bronze Age. During the orientation, gain valuable insight into the time-honored
mining and smelting process.
• During your time in Wales, you may notice the distinct Welsh language. In some
areas, it is still the primary language and today you will learn some basic phrases
in this Celtic language.

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

That is one packed schedule but I am sure that he will have a BLAST!

I loved London - a great place. Don't worry too much....

OH - there were about 8 folks from Liberty on my trip. Great people!! He will love it there!


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