Thursday, July 10, 2008

Keeping you posted

*Edited again- Just talked to A#1 on the phone and he said he was doing GREAT!!! He said the London Eye was so cool and so big. He also said he was so looking forward to Ireland. I think everything he has seen so far is just making him more excited about what's to come.

* Just received this email. sounds like they are having a BLAST!!! I pray the rain will stop. Please pray that A#1 will have a wonderful homestay family and they will welcome him. Also pray for his traveling as they move from London to Andover.

\hi ALL
we rode the london eye today and met our parliament member... pm they call him.
we are getting ready to go to our homestays this evening after a 2 hour bus ride to andover. The students are having a wonderful time and are being wonderful ambassadors.... if you don't hear from any tonight, please don't be concerned, the homestay family may keep them busy this evening...

yesterday we had a very busy day, but wonderful! We did everything in the rain, they say it was one of the worst rainy days london has every had, but it did not stop us from seeing as much of it as we could... we got to see where bond has his drinks... m5? we got to see the tower of london where things were not always so pleasant, we saw the crown jewels... it was amazing.... we cruised on the thames and went to see a musical version of the lord of the rings... it was truly different!!!!

we will see stonehenge tomorrow! more soon.... you may send a fax to any of the hotels if you want to just reach out to your student... put my name and your students name on the fax and we will make sure they get it! They are learning alot about how the world is so different, but yet so much the same....

see you soon... more soon!!
Donna and all the gang!!!

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