Thursday, July 24, 2008

How cool is that?

This is where A#1 is spending tonight while the rest of us sleep in our humble little homes in the burg. Warwick castle is the final stop for his group and it will be an awesome adventure. They will be sleeping outside on the grounds in a medieval tent and I'm sure they will be good and tired because of the busy day they have planned. It is to include jousting, sword fights, dancing, catapults and exploring the castle grounds.If I know A#1 he will explore every inch possible. I think he is excited about the Blacksmith shop and getting to test his tools out.

This will probably be a favorite as well. Due to the costume and the jousting stick. Lord help us if he tries to bring one fo those home. When he came home from Australia he got off the plane carrying a dijerredoo (spelling?) so nothing would surprise me.

Goodness how cool is that? I do believe I could handle spending the night here. How about you?
By the way, I spoke to A#1 yesterday and he sounded great. They were leaving Scotland and when I asked him how cool it was he said," let's just say I'm wearing a kilt as we travel tomorrow Mom. I bought it and wait until you see it. All of the other guys were supposed to wear theirs but they all chickened out except for me and Sean."
I ask you again, HOW COOL IS THAT?!!!!!

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