Thursday, July 31, 2008

For now

This is what you get for now. A#1 has been busy as he leaves in just over a week for college so until I can get him to sit down with me to put more pictures on, this is what I've got. I could go ahead and post some pictures but it really would not do any good because I don't know what I'm looking at or where for that matter. Did that make any sense? Oh well, here we go.

He did not know we were coming to D.C. to pick him up. It took over 1 1/2 hours for them to get thru customs once they landed so we were thrilled when he finally walked thru those doors. I do believe he was a little excited to see us too. At least it looks that way and that makes a mom feel good. Can you imagine being in the U.K for 3 weeks and only having that suitcase? Me either. That wouldn't even cover the shoes, right Leslie?
A#1 in his Scotland hat that apparently he wore for days and all the way home. This is two of his lifelong buddies, Sara and Sarah. Applause to Sarah because she came running up to me in the airport to let me know she had taken LOTS of pictures of A#1. THANK YOU!!!!!

A bunch of tired and weary travelers that are ready to be home.

Another lifelong buddy, Ms. F. These two have traveled the world together. They have been to Australia together and now this trip. She means a great deal to our family and especially to this mom. When you send your child thousands of miles away with someone else, you trust and respect them a great deal, as if you are trusting them with your own life. THANK YOU!!!! We love you and could never thank you for everything you have done for our boy. We prayed so hard for you all and are so grateful to you.

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GillespiesGirl said...

NO!!!! THE SHOES WOULD NOT FIT IN THAT SUITCASE! HOW WOULD WE SURVIVE??? Looks like he had a great time. Hope you are enjoying every second that you have with him. Love ya!


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