Monday, April 20, 2009

Worth the wait

Aren't they gorgeous?!!! These are what hubby sent me on our anniversary. My favorite flowers, tulips. Twenty of them for twenty years of marriage. Plus 4 red roses, one for every five years. What a sweetie!! They are still beautiful.
We had reservations for dinner to Bookbinders Grill. We had not been able to eat here before so we both were very excited. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! We ordered an appetizer to start off, stuffed mushrooms. Yummo! Next came the wonderful wedge salads and then dinner. Hubby had stuffed flounder and I had Wasabi crusted salmon. Oh. My. Goodness!!! You would think we would've stopped there but noooooo. Then we had dessert. We didn't split one either. We EACH ordered dessert! We NEVER do that!! He had Apple Pie A La Mode and I had Cheesecake. Hello I felt like I had gained back 50 pounds after that meal was over.

A La Mode!!!!

My fave, cheesecake. Oh my gosh was it good!!
After dinner we took a drive. We ended up going on a job site, I know very romantic, that hubby will be working on. It is a 3 MILLION dollar home in our area. It was something else. Get this, hubby will be installing the floors in the attic. That's right they are installing flooring in the attic. I guess if you have a house worth that, you want the attic to look nice as well. I wouldn't know. Well it got even more romantic as the night went on. Can you detect that sarcasm? I had to use the bathroom sooooo bad while we were on this job site but there are no working bathrooms yet. It is a construction site so, yep porta potties!!! I detest porta potties. However, we were on top of a mountain, hubby checked it out first, it was fairly clean and it had t.p., so I went!! Hubby turned his back and held the door open for me. Having the door open helped with just the thought of going in there for some reason. On our way home he said gosh honey how romantic. How many wives have had to use a porta potty on their 20th anniversary. Not many!! But I responded back. It's ok cause not many hubbies would hold the door open for their wife so she could use the porta potty. We laughed all the way home!! 20 years was well worth the wait as far as I'm concerned.


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What a funny and cute post! Happy 20th to you two - adorable. And what a dinner, whew!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully not #3!

Anonymous said...

Glad you all had a wonderful time.Sounds like you like the porta potties like I do. YUCK..............
well you got that honest.

I know you had to love the meal a fantastic place to go..
love you both

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you made another wonderful memory!! Love you guys!! Grandma

Rach said...

Happy anniversary--a bit late. Twenty years is amazing! :o)

I had wondered about Bookbinders...;o)

Lisa said...

Oh you guys are great. Henry had told me all about Bookbinders. Wayne had been tellin ghim about it. We have an anniversary in May..... Hmmmmmmmmmm love you guys


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