Monday, April 13, 2009


God's blessings are just amazing!! We had such an awesome weekend together as a family and I want to thank Him in every way. A#1 was able to come home for the weekend and I have to ask you something. Can you believe he only has less than 4 weeks and he will be finished with his first year of college? Where did it go? I am seriously in shock by this. He has had such a great year, with a few lessons learned in the game of life, and has an extremely busy summer ahead of him. He has just thrived at LU and it shows. We went into his room Saturday night to tell him goodnight and he was laying in his bed reading his Bible. No t.v., no i-pod just his Bible. I know he has his quiet time with the Lord every day but to witness it was just awesome. He is reading the book of Romans. Yesterday we had a great talk with my mom and s-dad about scripture and there was so much that I could not answer. If I asked A#1, he could answer!! I just can't wait to witness what the Lord has for him.

We awoke Sunday morning at 5:30 to go to sunrise service and to our amazement there were 3 buckets left on our table with enough sugar to hype up an entire army of kids. The kids all had a movie and a few other things to occupy themselves with. Oh yeah and Silly String. They always get Silly String in their baskets. 5 minutes of messy fun in a can is what we call it.
That sneaky little bunny left a trail of candy leading up to the goodies.

And then they dig in. This was after sunrise service. We came home to get re-dressed for church and they had to check out every single thing. As you can see, A#1 is still a kid :)

Me and my kiddos leaving for church.

Me and my girls!

After church we went to my Mom's for lunch. The girls took their bike's and we all sat out front watching. My Mom just had a few places taken off of her face that ended up being cancer. Me and my sister have been telling her she needed to get them looked at and thank goodness she did. So I told her she was going to have to give up her small cute sunglasses and invest in some big fabulous one's. She did but she wasn't sure if she liked them or not. She handed them to me and said here try them on so I can see what I look like in them (they say we look a little bit a- like!). When I did, she took a picture of me and W.B. Turns out she likes how "she" looks in the new glasses :)

A#1 keeping a close eye on his sisters riding their bikes.

When she wasn't riding, she was climbing. A#3 has figured out that she can climb Mom's magnolia tree with no help. She climbed ALL DAY!!!

She took the basket with eggs up the tree with her. Monkey!!!

A#2 on her bike. She LOVES being outside!!

Nena and Poppy outside in the beautiful weather. Thanks for lunch!!! It was delicious and we had a wonderful day!!!!
Easter is over but let's all remember, HE LIVES!!!!!!


Rach said...

Happy Easter! Looks like a wonderful day all around. :o)

(Hi, Donna! Nice to see you! :oP)

Suzette said...

Looks like you guys had beautiful weather! It was cold and rainy here... That is awesome about A#1 - sounds like you did a wonderful job raising him into a Man after God's heart! That has to be one of the most rewarding things to see as a mother!!

**And that Easter candy looks wonderful.. I may have to buy the clearnace stuff tomorrow at walmart! :)

Lisa said...

Hope you had a great Easter. Aaron looks great adn I am so proud of him Poppy Wayne looks great. He is a new man. Love you guys

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Happy Easter! I got the adorable broche (sp?) in the mail - I love it! Thank you so much :) It looks like you all had a great day :)

He is Risen!

Anonymous said...

Yes we had a wonderful Easter, I was so thankful for the beautiful weather so the girlies could play outside,It was good to have Aaron home with us.
Anna is getting to be a pro on climbing that tree. We will probably go out there one day and she will be in the very top. WHOS going to climb to get her down. Im sure it will be NENA, I will be afraid shes going to fall. I love you all



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