Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lady Jaguars

She's at it again. A#2 has started a new season of basketball and she is loving it! Last year was her first at b-ball and she did well. This year it's seems as if she is so much more comfortable with herself and with knowing what to expect. It doesn't hurt that Daddy is her assistant coach. Check out #21.
That's her with the red arm band. If you have a child old enough to play, you should really check out this program. It's called Upward and it's GREAT! This is a christian program run by a local Baptist church and it has grown by leaps and bounds. There is prayer before the game, a devotional during half time and the kids learn scripture during the season. The guest speaker last night gave a wonderful testimony and gave the plan of salvation. How awesome is that!! God can use anything to bring people to His kingdom!!!

There she goes playing defense. I'm tellin ya, I wouldn't want to go up against her!!!!


Suzette said...

how fun!!! My nephews and niece play soccer for upward bound. I think it's a great program!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Wow Upward sounds awesome! Great pics too :)

Anonymous said...

Go Addie. Good job

I love you

Anonymous said...

You go girl we are so proud of you!! Love, Grandma & Grandaddy


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