Thursday, January 15, 2009


By Addie Blaine
Blue smells like sea water
Blue looks like water
Blue is the season of spring
Blue sounds like water
Blue is the mother of green
Blue makes me feel so blue
Blue is the food of blueberry pie
Blue is an animal, a blue frog, a butterfly, a fish and sea horses
Blue reminds me of the beach
Blue feels like water
Blue is a sky, a beautiful sky
Blue is a color in the rainbow
Blue is an assumed color
Blue is cool
* Just wanted to share this with you all. Can you tell she likes the water? Leave her a comment and I'll be sure she sees them all. Man I love this kid!


Anonymous said...

Who knew Addie is a poet!! She forgot to mention that her Nena's eyes are REALLY blue. I was thinking that because of the picture. :) Good Job Addie! Love ya, Dee

The Busy Blaine's said...

I thought that too Dee ( about Nena's eyes that's why I picked that picture).

Suzette said...

All this talk about blue calms my nerves! Such a sweet poem!

Suzette said...

And it makes me want to be on the beach right now... I love the snow, but I love the beach so much more! :)

Julie said...

Good job Addie!

Lisa said...

HOW cool... she is so smart and talented I am so proud of her and love her so much Love you Addie

Anonymous said...

Hi Addie

Anonymous said...

Good job Addie!! Another smart grandchild!! We are so Blessed!! Love Ya, Grandma

GillespiesGirl said...

Great work Addie! I miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Addie that was a great poem you are good at that..Guess what ...... Nenas eyes are blue.... I love you punkin.
What a sweet poem from a precious young lady.. Nenas buddy..

Anonymous said...

This is a "GREAT" poem - you sure got it right with BLUE.

So can I be BLUE with you
'cause I'm really BLUE without YOU!

Your poem makes me want to go to the beach (or your pool) NOW!
Come on Summertime!!! Love you, MA


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