Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meet A#4 and A#5

Don't ask me where the idea came from but we have 2 new members to our family. A#2 and A#3 took their Christmas money and went shopping with their Daddy. It was discussed before they went out that A#2 wanted a guinea pig. After doing a little research they decided it was better to have 2 together so guess who else got one? Yep, A#3. Oh dear me!! I am not sure why but for some reason I was not allowed any say so in this matter. Me, the Mom, the housekeeper, the one that vacuums EVERY DAY already, the one that keeps every one's rooms clean (or at least the one that demands that their rooms stay clean), the one that feeds the fish, feeds the children, cleans the toilets, mows the grass etc. etc etc. ME! I was told I had no say so. Kinda like the friends coming in the pool, right Lisa!

So here they are bringing the little rats, ahem, I mean cutie pies, home with them.
They are living in A#2's room. Great! The messiest child in the house has animals living with her now!

This is Apricot aka A#5. She belongs to A#3.

And this is Ariel aka A#4. She belongs to A#2. She is a nibbler. Every time you put something in front of her mouth she wants to take a taste. Lord help us if she gets out in A#2's room. She could live for months in there.

Other than the mess they have not been that bad to deal with. Bad thing is they are only 3 months old and have a lot of growing to do. As they grow so does their mess. Lord, keep one hand on my shoulder and the other hand over my mouth.

I'm not all that mean, how could you be when you look at that smile! She loves them!!!!


Lisa said...

OH MY GOODNESS> I know how excited you were over just one... now 2 and yes the pool... Henry said that is what he was thinking before I even read him that part. GOod luck. Oh by the way I love the pics from the caverens

Anonymous said...

I just love the new grandpets!! Now Mr. Pugsley is not the only one that causes someone to vacuum everyday!! or not!! HA!! They are really cute, but we'll stick with fish and Mr.P and Bandit!! Love Grandma

Anonymous said...

It's about time you got a furry pet! I love A#5 name - Apricot. Who could come up with such a fantastic name???? :)
Aunt Dee

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Oh are going to be busy with that one! But hopefully the kiddos will learn some important lessons in resposibility...

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

A#2 and A#3 are so happy with their little Guineas I will come and help you clean anytime, just so they can enjoy those little guineas every child needs pets..Remember all our little dogs you had when you were little.
Nena (Mom)


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