Thursday, November 6, 2008

A day in the life of ME!

Wednesday November 5, 2008 my day goes like this....
*Up and showered 7am
*Girls up and getting dressed 7:30am start 1st load of laundry
*Downstairs packing book bags and getting snacks together, warming up the truck so there are no grumpy girls on their way to school, throw the 1st load of laundry in the dryer and start the 2nd load
*Out the door at 8:30
*Drop A#2 off at school
*Hit McDonald's for a small decaf because there are no groceries in our house much less coffee
*Drop A#3 off at preschool
* Go by hubbies work to leave him a checkbook which takes forever because he's on a construction site and there's a bunch of gross men there that like to stand in your way as your driving around trying to find him
*Wal-mart by 9:20 to start getting some groceries and other "necessities"
*Home at 10:30 to put away groceries, check email, start ANOTHER load of laundry and fold the ones that are finished
*11:45 leave to go get A#3 from preschool, talk to A#1 about some of his classes and just to tell him his Momma misses him.
*12:10 back home, time to fix lunch for A#3 while she is watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for the 50th time! Lunch, load dishwasher and head up stairs to put A#3 down for rest time which she is insisting she does not need. WRONG!!!
*1:00 With the house being painted and new floors going in, things are a TOTAL wreck around here so I'm trying to clean as things are being moved around. So I have to clean on top of the kitchen cabinets since hubby is painting up there and let me tell you, that's just nasty! I don't care how clean your house is, things just get dirty up there. We have white cabinets so it can be tricky to get all the dust off without making a horrible mess. Clorox Cleanup to the rescue! Did I mention that I am trying to be very quiet while doing this so as not to let A#3 think she is missing out on the fun.
*3:00 Check email again and do a little blog catch up while waiting for A#2 to get home from school
*3:45 A#2 gets off the bus and the homework begins! A#3 is up from her nap and comes downstairs with her AWANA book so she can practice her verses for church tonight. Homework, homework, homework.
*4:20 start dinner. Church tonight so it's chicken nuggets and tater tots.
*4:45 girls are eating dinner while hubby and I are carrying the toilet back inside from the 1/2 bath downstairs because the painting and the floors are done in there. Seriously, the toilet has been outside on the deck for a week now! We are so spoiled that we actually complained about having to go upstairs to potty! Good grief!
*5:30 Hubby is finally getting dressed for church while I am getting hair fixed and teeth brushed and ironing AWANA clothes for the girls.
*6:00 leave for church
*8:40 Home from church, snack for the girls, pj's on, teeth brushed, Daddy does story time and prayers. Girls down for the night.
*9:30 What can I eat because I didn't eat dinner? Low carb ice cream, butter pecan my favorite!
*9:45 Never shoulda ate that ice cream!!!!! My belly hurts now.
*10:00 Watch Parking Wars with hubby and laugh our butts off at the people that won't pay their parking tickets but complain because they can't have their car back that has been "booted".
Seriously people! Pay your tickets and you won't have to worry if your car is going to be auctioned off!!!
*10:30 Good night!

Thursday Nov 6 2008
* 7:30am First load of laundry.... IT STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!


Ruhiyyih Rose said...

WOW!!! That is one busy day! Fun to read it all - gives perspective...

Anonymous said...

Whew Im tired just reading that...
I do remember those days,

way to go A#1

Susan said...

Terena you look great! 55 lbs. gone? Great! What's your secret? Been missing you all.


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