Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Conversation with A#3

A#3- "Mommy, did you like that movie Pocono?"

Me- " What movie?"

A#3- " You know, Pocono. the one about the boy whose nose grew when he told a lie."

Me- (insert smile here) " Oh yeah I have seen that movie and I liked it. What was his name again?"

A#3- " Mommy, it was POCONO!!"

A#3- " Did you watch it on a DVD when you were little?"

Me- " No they didn't have DVD's when I was a little girl."

A#3- " Oh they musta made those for me and A#2 (she said her real name)."

Me- " I guess they did."


julie07 said...

I can hear her saying this. She is a mess. A good mess though. :)

Lisa said...

That is too cute....

Anonymous said...

I posted my comment yesterday dont know where it went.
BUT. how funny little A#3 is, she told me about pocono also. I picked A#2 up from brownies on Tue and took her home. A#3 was in the bathtub upstairs and she heard me,I said bye A#3 I love you and she yelled at me, Nena you have got to come up here.I went up the stairs Knee killing me but I got up there and she was sitting in the bathtub with this big smile and she said Nena I have to have a kiss before you leave. I laughed, and give her a big kiss and she said ok you can go home now. So A#3 you made your Nenas day...Of course I got my kiss
from A#2 also. what sweeties they are...


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