Friday, November 14, 2008

Been "mistreated"

We started on the house last month and boy has it been a slooow process. I'm not complaining cause everyone knows what a hard worker W.B. is outside of the house so for him to have to come home and work is a lot to ask. He never complains and as a matter of fact, a lot of it is his idea!! For real, especially the floors needing to be fixed/changed. Those curtains below are the before. Before I got a hold of them and had me a little "Nester" moment. W.B raised the rod ( Nester would be proud) and then I found some fabric and got busy. Keep in mind these are the fall/winter heavy velour drapes that I took down in the spring and put up some new "mistreatments".



I love em!! I also love the new paint and the new floors thanks to W.B. That's the rest of the floors stacked there in the picture. So all I did was use some fabric glue and fabric to the bottom of the curtains. That's right I said the bottom. But wait, you say the new fabric is at the top! That's right. I fixed them so I can hang them either way, new addition at the top or the bottom. See the next picture...

That's actually the top of the curtain that the rods go thru. If I feel like amking a change... just flip em and take the ring clips off and put them on the rod. Cool huh?
Now, the old floors below.... GONE!

Welcome the new beauties!! Much better quality, color and especially installation!

Much better!!! Can't wait to show you the rest of what we've been up to. Why oh why do we start these things so close to the holidays? Like we aren't busy enough.


The Nester said...

Nice work girl! Love the idea of using them either way! LOVE those heavy drapes!

Suzette said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! I am going to add your blog to my list so I can check back frequently.. I love the curtains.. Such a simple upgrade, but BIG difference! Love it!

julie07 said...

Your house always looks great! I can't wait to see the finished product. Can I hire W.B. to help my hubby?


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