Thursday, January 3, 2008

Still playing catch up

Well this was the first batch of Christmas letters I mailed out. I'm so excited at how our address book has grown. As you can tell I am still trying to catch you up on all of our happenings over the break. Our annual letter is just part of the fun (did I actually say fun?). If you are one of the lucky ones to receive it, good for you (j/k). If it totally annoys you, hmm you probably better tell me so I'll take you off of the list, even thought I can't imagine that :)

Sorry I forgot to flip the picture! This is what we did the kids first day on break. Cookies!!!!!! and I do mean cookies. I made Gingersnap for the first time for my sweet hubby. I must say they were good and I'm not a fan. We did peanut butter, choc chip, preacher cookies and did I say preacher cookies? They're mine and the son's fave. Yummmmo!

This was only part of the mess, I mean fun.

The first batch of Ginger Snaps.

Some magic cookie bars- Weight Watcher style. No I'm not on WW I just thought it was a good idea to mkae something with half the fat. For the record, no one ate any except for me and my cousin Josh :)

Ahhhh, the Preacher cookies. I don't know why they are called that but he must've been a good preacher. I sear my son could eat a batch of these a day. He has asked for them on a daily basis before.

So while the cookies were baking this is what the boogers did. PLAYDOH! Yep even the 17 year old played and played. What is it about that stuff that makes us all happy. Perhaps it the creativity that comes out. He's such an awesome big brother to even think about playing with them. Must be why they love him so much :)

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