Friday, January 4, 2008

American hereos

This is just one of Americas heros that we have in our

family. His name is CJ or around our house he is

known as She-J. He has just returned from a very

long tour of duty in Iraq and I can't tell you how special

he is to us all. CJ not only received a Puple Heart and

a Bronze Star along woth several other unit honors, but

he was also awarded 2 medals from a VIP that is only

allowed to give out 5 per year. That's right, he received

TWO of the five! Un fortunatley CJ dealt with alot of

combat as he was in the worst part of Bagdad and he

lost several very special people in his life. Please pray

for him as he will be returning to Alaska at the end of

the month as that's where he is stationed. LOVE YOU

This is my Dad, Step Mom and Hubby taking a look at

some of the awards at a family gathering we had

in honor of CJ.
So this silly fella is another one of our family heros.
His name is Brian and he is being a goofball with
my step-mom and my Aunt Sisssy. Brian has also
just returned from Iraq and is in the Army just
like CJ. The 2 of them are very close as they
went thru basic together. B we love you and are
SOOOOOO proud of you as well. You are
such a joy to our family.
We also have another member of the fam that has
served 2 tours in Iraq as a US Marine and his name
is Matt. I don't have a picture to post of him right
but I can tell you he's our hero as well.
To you all, we, your family say THANK YOU!!!!
say that and I can write this with all the freedom
because of you standing in the gap for us all.

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