Sunday, December 9, 2007

Well, it's official.....

I'm pooped de dooped! Let's just say that W and I were shopping intil 11:30 last night and we're STILL not finished. How can it be that every year I say I'm going to do better and then, here we go again. HELP!!!! I know this is not even the true meaning of Christmas and I think that's what drives me sooo crazy. I have figured out that we buy for 20-28 family members and that's not even including my sisters and their spouses because we don't exchange any longer. Good grief Charlie Brown! sigh :(

On a lighter Christmas note the kids are soooo ready. Although what's up with them telling you what they want and then when you're almost finshed, all of a sudden there's one particular thing that they won't stop telling everyone they are getiing. Sorry kids!

This year's breakfast with Santa was great as usual. Only there were 2 things missing, Daddy and big brother. Brother was taking his SAT's and Daddy was doing his Deacon duties at church. The girls really missed them both. I guess the Lord is preparing us for changes though as next year brother will be away at college :(

Notice the Satna picture? Check out the finger in the mouth and the look on her face ;) Do ya think she was a little nervous? Thank goodness big sister was there to do all of the talking. Of course it wouldn't be BWS without a little face paint. A snowman was the choice this year.

I pray you all are not as stressed as me and I hope you will receive all of the blessings you deserve.

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