Saturday, December 15, 2007

Addie Loo Who!

Isn't she adorable. A had her PTA program on thursday evening and can you guess what she was? That's right, a WHO! They had the cutest play. The best part of all is that they got to dress up at school so they could do the show 2 times during the day also. I must say, she's the prettiest Who there was :)

1 comment:

MA said...

Well I never knew
such a cute little WHO
named Addie Loo
wore her hair in a WHO do
and lives with WHO - you !:)

I'm happy to see
Loo so full of glee
Like a bzz bzzy-bee
with her sister is she
eating a bowl of WHO candy !:)

It's my time to shoo
my cute little WHO
they call Addie Loo
who wore her hair in a WHO do
Guess you know I'll be blue
until I see You-Know-WHO !! :(

Love, Ma xoxoxoxoxo


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