Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm so behind

Do you ever notice how quickly time flies as you get older? I feel like I've not gotten anything done today that I had intended. for example, I had planned on wrapping presents today. Instead I took a long "princess bath" with the little one. I had planned on sitting down with W to go over this together. Instead, he is working on the 1/2 bath and I'm sitting alone. I had planned on writing our Christmas letter (yes I'm one of those annoying people). Instead I laid the paper on the table and it's till there. I guess what I should've said is that time only flies by when you don't use it as wisely as you should.


Steven said...


Deidre said...

Well, aren't you good! I would love to do a blog, but I don't have anyone to read it! D


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