Monday, February 8, 2010

Warning: It looks like every post this winter will be about...

SNOW!! And more SNOW!! It started again Friday morning and kept going all day. A#2 was wanting to go outside so badly she was willing to shovel so we let her. She went out for about an hour by herself until she finally realized we let her sweep and shovel while it was still snowing so she wasn't making much progress.
And there's the face she made when I told her to just give up and come inside. They are going so stir crazy around here because there was school only one day last week and that was on Thursday with a 2 hour delay and then Friday was cancelled before the snow even began.
I have decided that our yard is starting to resemble a parking lot with one of those big, gross piles of snow that will be around until April.

This is just a hint of what me and hubby shoveled Saturday morning.

We were able to get out for a while on Saturday and went for a few visits and made it to Starbucks. We came home to play in the snow and had some company in the evening.

My sister and her family made it over and we had a blast. This is hubby with our nephew Foster. Hubby and the B I L made a path for our snow tube and put a wall/ramp at the end of it so there were no wrecks. It was PERFECT!!!

Hubby with A#3.

Dee tried out the sled at first.

This is the path, looking from the bottom to the top. PERFECT!!

Dee decided to give the tube a try.

A#3 on the tube.

The best part of the whole day was when my mom made her way over and took a few turns on the tube. We laughed so hard and she had a blast.

She took the kids on a few rides with her until we had to cut her off for fear of someone getting hurt. ;)
Me and the girls will probably be in the house most of the week again, we are expecting more snow on Tuesday but we will not complain. My in laws are among the No Va folks and Maryland folks that got over 2 feet!! They have lost all power and are expecting more as well this week. Hang in there everyone!


Anonymous said...

It was so much fun!!!! I love snow!! Hopefully we will have several more snow storms this winter. We missed you Aaron! (Nena needed to lift her feet) :o)


Rach said...

Wow! B'burg and C'burg haven't seen snow like that since '93 at least! I hope y'all are enjoying it for those of us who don't get very much. :oP


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