Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Momma

Today is my mom's 60Th birthday!!! Unfortunately she will probably not see this because she is in Hawaii!!!! and who would go all the way to Hawaii and take time to read a silly blog? Have a great birthday Mom and have a blast on your trip. We love you and are sooooo thankful for you!!


Rach said...

Happy happy birthday, Donna!!! Enjoy your trip to Hawaii! :o)

I forgot all you kiddos had birthdays so close together--you and Papa and Rita. It must have been a MESS when y'all were little! ;o)

Anonymous said...

We will celebrate when she gets back! She don't get off that easy! :o) I talked to her a couple of times and she was having a blast. (So jealous!!!!)

Love you mom!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Girls, WE had a wonderful time in Kauai,Hawaii what a wonderful place to spend your birthday.Thank you girls for the Fabulous fruit basket waiting in our condo when we arrived. That was the best birthday present ever.So, now Im 60, T is 40 and A#3 is 20 how funny. Where does time go. A#3 was just a little boy yesterday..
Love you all

Anonymous said...

Sorry that is A#1 not A#3 that is 20



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