Monday, November 9, 2009


A couple of us headed up to L U to see A#1 the Monday after family weekend, hoping for a chance to see him fly. Well, we got to see him fly with his instructor and then..... WE GOT TO SEE A SOLO FLIGHT!!!! OMGoodness it was fantastic!!!

That's him after his flight. One of his aunt's seen this picture and said it fits him well. I agree!

This is when he came in and dropped off his instructor. We were out on the strip when he came in and I noticed the prop was still running as his instructor was getting out. I asked if he was still going to fly and he said yes, solo. WHAT?!!!!
And there he goes! The coolest part for me other than seeing it was that we were with his instructor and he had a radio so we got to hear him do all of his call signs. Just hearing his voice and hearing all that he has learned put me at peace but made me a nervous wreck too.
Some proud grandparents.

Aaron and his Poppy.

The proudest mom EVER!!!
It's a good day for a parent that gets to witness their child's dream come true!! God is so good!

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We4Kingz said...

So proud of Aaron! You guys have raised a great young man. Love ya!


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