Wednesday, November 4, 2009

M. I. A.- Part 1

Missing in action from blogging? Yep that's me. I'm going to try to get caught up but it will take a few posts before that happens. These pictures are from this past weekend and believe it or not, there are even some pictures missing. After A#3's final soccer game we headed over to my mom's house for our 2Nd annual "punkin carvin". Mom fixed her famous crock pot hot dogs and chili and then we all headed out to the garage. This picture is of me and A#3 and we are carving out the bottom of her pumpkin so we can scoop all of the guts out.
Mom and A#2 working away.
Hubby was down on the floor helping out with the scooping.
And as you can see Foster-man was a pro at it. A#3, not so much.
She would not touch it and he could not keep his hands out of it.
A#2 with her finished project. She did a great job!!
A#3 with hers.
Mom and A#3 started on another one.
And then there was the artistic side of our family. My sister and her hubby were still working on theirs.
These are some of them all finished up. The one in front is my BIL's. It is a Frankenstein that he free handed. Nice job!
But hands down the winner for this year was hubby himself. This is his sitting on top of one of mom's landscape lights. It is not carved, it was chiseled so that is flesh that you see the light coming thru. Good job Honey!!!!! You win! He even has your eyebrows ;)

Early Saturday morning we headed to LU for Family Weekend to see A#1. We were just staying for the day instead of the whole weekend like we did last year. while we went into the Aviation Dept we were on a mission to find A#1's shirt tale from his first solo flight back in August. We found it!!!

Yes it's posed picture but I like it! way to go A-man!!! You ROCK!
We hung out in the flight ready room for a while and A#1 gave us a few lessons.
Outside on one of the courtyards there were some sculptures from students in the art department. This one was about praying the scriptures. You can't see it but it is covered in scripture verses.
Another sculpture with a few kiddos hanging around it.
After we went to the football game, LU beat Presbyterian 55-19, we headed over to Thomas Road Baptist for a HUGE kids carnival for Halloween. A#3 did not want to put her costume on because she was so hot already but A#2 decked out and she looked adorable!!
Inside the carnival were games and bouncy houses and lots of goodies. They had a great time and it was just nice to be with A#1.
There was a very tall slide that the girls were so anxious to go down. Can you tell that they are looking up to see how far they have to climb?
A#2 came down head first, of course.
So proud of this son of ours!
And so are his sisters. I love this picture!!!
Well, I'll be back, lots more to catch up on.


We4Kingz said...

Glad ya'll had a great time with Aaron. Seems like I haven't seen you in forever.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Aaron! We miss you, but we are so proud of you - living your dream!!! It will be interesting to see if Foster stays with his dream that he has now like you did! I need copies of the punkin party! I loved it! - Love ya - Dee

Rach said...

Hooray! You're back!

Looks like fun Halloween times all around. And, way to go, Aaron! :o)

Heather said...

This looks so fun for the kids! The pumpkins look great!


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