Thursday, October 28, 2010

Her first show

Isn't she gorgeous up on that horse? Heck she is gorgeous off that horse :) A#2 rode in her first show last Sunday and she did INCREDIBLE!!! Blogger has been a real pain recently getting pictures on here and these are all out of order but I was not going to try to reload them because it would have taken another week. That is her on her buddy Bam. Bam gave her such a great time for her first show, I think it's because he knows how much she loves him.
After the show we gave her a dozen pink roses and lots of hugs.

This is her riding trainer. These 2 have developed a very special bond over the last 2 years and I appreciate how protective she has become over A#2. She walked the fence the whole time A#2 was riding and had her daughter on the other side looking out for her as well.

After the show A#3 was so excited when they asked her if she wanted to walk Bam back to the truck. She followed directions, took him by the reins and took off, no intimidation what so ever. We might just have another rider on our hands ;)

Waiting for the judges to announce the winners. Ignore the date on the picture, I used A#2's camera and didn't realize she had the date set. The next picture is a very exciting one for us. A#2 was asked if she wanted to ride in the English class even though she has NEVER rode English before, ever. She took them up on the offer and placed 5Th!!!!!!!! She rode against a group that only ride English and had been trained for a long time and she placed 5Th!!! Oh my goodness we were all so excited for her and Bam.

Look at her go!!!!

Before she rode English she competed in a Western class and placed 6Th!!! This was the very first time she has ever been in a show, did I mention that, and placed twice!!!!

Her 6Th place ribbon.

Taking a little break in between classes trying to calm her nerves and Bam's.

I could have watched her for days!!

A#2's fan club!

Trying to figure out what classes to ride in.

It was such a great day! A#1 drove down for a bit and got to watch her ride in her first class (she didn't place in that one) and so did some grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. This has become such a love of hers and it was such a joy to watch her and Bam. She has a way with these creatures and I have a feeling this will not be the last show we watch her in.


Glamarella Junk-Sherry said...

Hi Tinie!!!! YOU won Glamarella Junks give-away!Yeahhhhhh!!! Thank-you for being my blog friend!!!!
God's Blessings to you too!!!! Glamarella Gal Sherry!
Need your address too

Anonymous said...

She did so good!!! I was surprised Foster wasn't in line for another Freezer Pop in the group picture. LOL - Next time we know to pack snacks and a cooler.

We look forward to attending many more horse shows!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like A#2 wasn't "horseing" (couldn't resist) around in these competitions. We sure are proud of you - wish I could have been there - I would have been your "mane" fan - and that's no tall "tail" either. :)

You go girl! Luv u !



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