Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here we go again!!

WOW!! Where did the summer go? Last week A#1 and A#2 headed back to school. A#3 will be home for a while as we have prayerfully decided not to send her back to pre school. This would be her 3rd year due to that October birthday of hers so we really felt like we needed a change for the moment. I have been doing some lessons with her and we have had so much fun with it, and hopefully she is learning a thing or two. She keeps telling everyone that she is being home schooled. I guess in a way she is but we are so looking forward to kindergarten.

A#2 is ready for the 4Th grade. The annual 1st day of school picture at the front door is looking a little bare this year :(

There, that's better. I just realized what a blurry picture that is, sorry.

Miss Priss! You would never know that she was very nervous about this year by looking at this picture.

Walking in on the 1st day. It has become a tradition that Daddy will come home long enough to take them to school then head back to work.

Two days later it's time to head back to L U. Can you tell he was ready?

Time to make up that wonderful loft. I would really like to know how often that actually happens during the week. My bet is not very often unless there is a room check.

Two of our youth from church, that happen to be great friends with A#1, are at L U for their first year. These are two of the sweetest young ladies you will ever meet and they love the Lord with all their hearts. Amber is a biology major/pre-med. I don't know if she knows this or not but I have been praying about her being our future daughter in law!! Look at that red hair and tell me our grand kids wouldn't have the most awesome hair EVER!! And more than that she is so faithful and smart and did I mention she is pre-med? ;) Well Miss Britney would make an awesome DIL as well. For all the same reasons, she loves the Lord, she's just precious and she's a nursing major. We love these girls to death and A#1 is so excited to have them right across the street from his dorm. A#3 went with us to move him in and we all went to lunch together. We mentioned that we needed to take A#1 to the store to stock up on his snacks etc and they offered to let A#3 come and stay with them in their dorm while we shopped. How sweet was that? She had a blast for the hour that she was with them and has since asked me when can we go back to see Amber and Britney (sorry brother !)
We were all finished moving him in and ready to head home.

I'll admit there were less tears this year, on that day anyhow. I know that he is thriving there and he is where the Lord would have him. It is truly answered prayers to have him so happy!!!!


Rach said...

Where oh where has summer gone?!? I can't believe it's back to school time already!!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I echo Rach: where did time go??? Your kiddos look adorable..and yay for your son and his second year at LU! That is great. Keep us posted! :)


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