Sunday, April 20, 2008

Prom 2008

Typical look from A#1. Two things were on his mind- 1. if I would've known there were gonna be pictures, no prom for me. 2. GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!!!
Again with the look. He picked out the tux all on his own and I think he did a great job. You have to realize how out of character this is for him to do something like that. Oh and, GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!!!! That's what he was thinking (again).

Getting ready to leave and he gets a phone call.

He's talking to his grandparents, Ma and Papa. They called and he was thrilled. Look how grown up he looks sitting there. And then his favorite part- more pictures, this time with hecklers :)

Why is it that 18 years later I am still carrying baby weight from him?

This is sucha perfect picture of the two of us as this is usually how our faces look when talking to one another. I think the conversation went a little like this, " Yes son, you do have to have more pictures taken. Just suck it up and SMILE!" A#1 said," Aargh!"

The women in his life. They thought he looked so handsome. A#3 said he looked like a boyfriend. Like she knows what that is.

The whole fam.
The Blaine 5
W, T, & 3 A's
A family that worships together, stays together.
Nena and Poppy!

My two favorite men! Notice the t-shirt Dad is sporting.

And there he goes, driving off in his Dad's truck. Watching him leave is the hardest part. From here he was leaving to go and visit Grandma and GrandDaddy and to beg GrandDaddy for keys to the Corvette. No such luck! So did you notice there was not a date in any of the pictures? That's because there was none. That kid is secure enough with himself, that he was fine with going by himself. I would've NEVER done that but that's because I didn't know who I was when I was 18 and he does. CAN YOU BELIEVE HIM?!!! This is a secret that he doesn't know I know, as he was getting his clothes ready to take to the after prom, I noticed his pockets were full. He was moving things around from pocket to pocket and I noticed he had his small New Testament in the tux. That boy is saved by grace and wants to make sure others are as well. And it also comforted me to know that if he was tempted by anything wordly, he had God's word with him. Unbeleivable :)

Parents- another good thing about no prom date, A LOT less expensive :) Hubby fixed a steak dinner for us all to enjoy. It was great to have that time with him. Also while he was at After Prom, he won $75 and a 10 man tent. He was THRILLED!!! To A#1 it was a great night and one he will remember for all of the right reasons!


Stephanie said...

You have a great son. I am getting my crying out about Ben growing up while looking at your son growing up.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

That is so great. I went to prom with a boy that I did not know that was a foot shorter than I was. It was awful :( I wish I had just gone with a big group of friends instead! Great photos of all of you!

Anonymous said...

Whoa.... I can't believe it was Senior Prom Night! He could have come by our house! I would have loved to see him. Nice tux! He did good! Tell him I love him!! Congratulations on the goodies he won! (does he want to sell the tent?)

GillespiesGirl said...

NOOOOO!!!!! A#1 can't be graduating!!! THAT AGES US SOOOOO MUCH!!! He is awfully handsome though.

Lisa said...

tHAT boy or should I say young man.. anyway I pray my boys learn a whole lot from him. I adore him and when he is gone from school I am gonna miss our daily talks. yOu guys have done a great job....


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