Monday, April 14, 2008


Well it was off to college for the Blaine's and we survived, for the most part. As you are driving down Rt 460, this is what greets you right at the university. Candler's mountain is adorned with this enormous L U symbol for Liberty University. It is literally at the top of a mountain which is one reason we love it. Just like home!

Once you enter DeMoss Hall, this is what greets you at the top of the stairs. Did you know this is where the name of the university came from? It just gave me a peace to stand there and take in God's presence from the very begining.

A#1 when we arrived. He wasn't out of the truck yet but he was all grins. I do have to tell you that I did not take near the amount of pictures that I had planned on, but for some reason he was ok with that. Every time I realized it was a great photo op, I realized the camera was not with me. HELLOOO, note to self, this only comes around once!!!!

No Dad, you can't make me go!!!!!! Just kidding, I think it was more like Dad was trying to keep him from going. That's DeMoss Hall in the background. It's pretty much headquarters for all the basics at Liberty.

Saturday we went to the airport and went to the hangers where A#1 will be spending the next 4 years flying away. Of course this was one of the moments that I left the camera in the vehicle when we were in the hanger checking out all of the planes. DUMMY!

This is what our next house will be designed after :) Just kidding, I could never keep up with the housework! Isn't it pretty?

Me and A#1 waiting to go to some classes. I am SO PROUD!!!!!!!!!!! Have I told you what a good boy he is?

Dad was sitting on the steps waiting for A#1 to get back from getting his gear out of the truck so we could take him to his assigned dorm room. He looks like he fits right in with all of the students. Of course it was taken from far away ;) J/K Honey!

We were standing on top of dorm hill looking down on some of the campus. The building to the right is the dining hall. A#1 loved it and DID NOT miss one meal from that place.

This is inside DeMoss Hall. It was kinda cool to go in and learn somethings about the founder of this school. Whether you liked Jerry Falwell or not, he was a man of God and was a visionary. I am thankful for that for alot of reasons but mainly because of the opportunity my son has been given to be surrounded by God's people all while getting an education.

So, long story here. Check out the chin. Sunday morning at around 2:20 a.m. our phone rings at the hotel and it's A#1. "Dad, I need you to come and get me. I had a little accident and my R.A. thinks I need to go to the hospital." WHAT!!!!??! Our son had been at a late night skate at the LaHaye ice rink that they had set up for the kids. At 2 in the morning when the skate was over, instead of walking home with the 8,000 other kids that were there, being the loner that he is went by himself. Takes a short cut, climbs a fence, and BAM! down on the face he goes. So we now know where the hospital is in case any of you have a student going to Liberty. He had to have 6, yes S-I-X, stitches. Thank God it was no worse and he didn't have any other injuries besides a few scratches. How do you let them go? How do you calm your own Mom down and tell her she has to let him go too? There have been times that people have expressed concern for A#1 because he does go off to himself but I have learned that it is not a weakness of his but a strength. He knows himself better than I ever did at his age and he knows the difference between right and wrong. I knew the difference, I just didn't care because I had to fit in. The fact that he is different and is ok with him and that is a power that I believe God has instilled in him. Look at how different Jesus was from the crowd. Now is the time for us to embrace him and celebrate what God has done in this young man and to look forward to what his future is. I told hubby on saturday that I can actually see a glow around A#1 sometimes and I know in my heart it is the Lord showing himself thru him.

Just in case you wanted a close up ;) You have to notice the stitches are blue. Liberty colors!!!!!


Lisa said...

So the stitches story I was the first one all day on Monday to notice at school. He told me he was mugged with the straightest face ever and I freaked. Then he just laughed and laughed. Awww you make me cry talking bout him... love ya

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

What a fun trip!...aside from the major boo! It makes for a great story at least :)


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