Friday, February 10, 2012

We call her Mommaw

Wednesday Feb 8, 2012 we lost our beautiful Mommaw. Our loss here on this Earth was Heaven's gain for eternity. My cousin said it best, "A very sad day but we are 100% sure she is with Jesus." There is no need to talk about how sick she became and how much she was suffering because none of that matters now. What does matter is that she has a new body where there is no pain. She is walking on streets of gold without that silly walker and without that stupid oxygen tank. She is no longer struggling to stand and as she knelt before her savior she had no knee pain. She doesn't have to worry about what pretty earrings to wear because now she has a wardrobe full of beautiful crowns from her savior. She is no longer having to clean up a kitchen or mop a bathroom in her little house in the valley because she has a mansion that was built just for her. And she no longer has to be alone at night because she is now once again with her husband and this time they will never be apart.
Mommaw grew up as an only child. She was the daughter of a baptist preacher and when I close my eyes I can see her sitting on the front row of an old wooden church building in her pretty Sunday dress with her legs swinging from the pew because they were so short she couldn't reach the floor. She had a beautiful singing voice and could play the piano so sweetly. I have memories of walking toward their house and hearing her play the piano in her living room. Mommaw accepted Jesus into her heart when she was a little girl and she told me one time that she always thought she would become a missionary. When she was little, there was a missionary to China that came to one of her dad's churches and Mommaw said her heart was changed forever. China was where she wanted to go to tell people about Jesus. Her life took another path, a path that she never regretted but one that never sent her to China. She always tried to make a difference though by sending money to missionaries and helping in any way she could. She told me one time that years ago she would even send $5 to help ministries because $5 was all she had and $5 could make a difference.
Out of that only child came 3 children of her own. 2 daughters and 1 son (my daddy). And out of those 3 came 11 grandchildren. Then came 28 great grandchildren and then 8 great great grandchildren. What a legacy from one little girl has been left here on this earth. Mommaw knew that none of us are perfect and she never loved us any less because of it. But what she did know she wanted us to all learn for ourselves and that is what a savior we have in Jesus. She served Him and loved Him like no other person I have ever known and that is what she leaves us all. Her prayers were as powerful as any. I didn't ask her to pray about something unless it was something that I really wanted because I knew the power of a prayer from Mommaw's heart.
As our family goes through these next few days, we will grieve together and pray together and be there for one another. But we grieve for ourselves and for our loss because she is gone from here. We celebrate with each other too because we know where she is, who she is with and the peace that is upon her. Well done thy good and faithful servant, well done.

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Lisa said...

She was so precious to have in your life even to know her for a short time. So sorry for her passing but WOW what a christian example ..... love ya girl


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