Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New routines, head shots and a little WIWW

A totally new routine for this girl. After 7 years home with the kiddos I am back to work and I couldn't be more grateful! I have returned to life as a working mom/hair stylist/skin care tech. So far we have all adjusted very well, with the exception of some very sleepy evenings for me, which is a blessing after the past 2 years of not much sleep at all. That is the group shot of all of us at work as we moved into a new location and had a Grand Opening.
And this was my head shot for the local ad letting everyone know that I am back.
And a little WIWW.
Boyfriend jeans- Target

Top- Old Navy

Necklace- Sabika

Not a flattering shot but not many of them are. On a happier note I am down 13 pounds since Dec 27. YAY!!

Pants- Gap

Shirt- Old Navy

Necklace- Sabika!!

1 comment:

Molly B said...

You look great! Way to go on the weight loss and going back to work. Hopping here from the Pleated Poppy.


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