Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This little blog

This little blog of mine has been around for 3 years now!! Granted I am not a supa blogger like the Nester and I might not ever be, but I have really enjoyed sharing my heart. My next post will be the 300th!! A lot of you bloggers post that many in 6 months but for me it has taken a little longer. Some of the things I have shared with you have been fun, some not so much. Some posts have been long a drawn out, some as simple as a video or a song. With 2010 coming rapidly to an end I have been reflecting back on this little blog and I have realized a couple of things. Some times I have opened my heart more than I thought Iwould and some times I have hid my heart for fear of rejection (something I do way too often in the real world too). I've shared the many changes my kids have gone through and the major decisions we have had to stand back and watch unfold. Some of them that a mom never wants to watch, some of them that would make a stranger proud. I've shared marriage issues, my faith, my ideas and my love of my home. Looking back the one thing I do know is that I love this little blog of mine.

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